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Recruitment Weekend 2021  

Come and have a go

You are invited to visit our club during our Big Bowls Weekend.

Saturday 29th May - 11am to 3pm

Sunday 30th May - 2pm to 5pm

Please wear trainers or flat shoes (no heels!) 

For more information contact Hon. Sec. Jeremy Dearmer 0208 669 6168

We offer a warm welcome at the club and an overview of club life.  On your visit you will get the chance to be escorted onto the green by an experienced bowler and shown the rudiments of how to bowl.  This will include an explanation of the main object of the sport, the bowl and its bias, how to position and stand on a mat, delivery of a jack and how to bowl.  We aim to make this an enjoyable fun experience where you will, hopefully, realise the challenge of green bowling.  At the end of your visit you can opt to join or take up the chance of two further taster sessions that we ask you to complete within a six week period.  There is no obligation to join although we of course hope that you do.

Types of membership can be found under 'Membership' on the website.